Friday, September 30, 2016


I warned you this would happen. I am about to bombard you with a few favors. I won't even apologize in advance because we ladies apologize way too often as it is.

Now that my book is actually written and complete (I still kind of can't believe that is a true statement), I have a list a mile long of goals to help get it where it needs to be. It's a long process, but the first part is that I have to move away from this blogging format into something more professional. I'll be transitioning to an actual website and will be using fancy dancy WordPress soon.

My mother in-law (God rest her amazing, hilarious, powerful soul) gifted me with birthday money several years ago and I used it to purchase a WordPress theme. It's all been sitting dormant since then because for me, WordPress is widely intimidating. I'm having a session with my gal pal Amy next week and I'm excited to make the move!

In the meantime, I'll be asking a few favors, and will eventually ask you to hop over to my new blog site when it's ready. For now, I'd love it if you like my new Facebook page, "The Amy Situation."
Soon, when time permits, I'll tell you the story of how that title came to be. Enough time has passed where it's safe to share, and it's pretty funny stuff.

Thank you all for your support during this exciting time! If you build it......

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